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"!Do not let Honey out!"

"!!Do not touch Honey!!"


My First Game Jam entry.

You play as a strange girl named Honey who's been locked in a room for an extended period (after about 274 days you've lost count). After so long, you just sit immobile in the same spot, relatively unaware of your surroundings, and lost in your own thoughts.

Then, one day, you notice something that isn't supposed to happen: your door is open.

Bee Vomit is a side-scrolling, mostly exploration(/puzzle) game, with (some) combat. It's meant to have some horror elements while not being strictly horror, though that may not be apparent in the first (and currently only) level.

There is pretty much PLACEHOLDER EVERYTHING, so please keep that in mind. Other than that, there should be no problems playing it to completion. Currently, there is only a Windows version.

A Tumblr for future developments/updates on this is available here: http://beevomit-game.tumblr.com/

Plugins by:

  • Galv
  • Yanfly
  • MutationIndustries/MuteDay
  • Yoji Ojima


Bee Vomit (Win).zip 191 MB


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A sound might be missing? (or my audio might have been set up weirdly).

I like how the player character doesn't waste our time by commenting all over the place :)