A downloadable game for Windows

*Demo Vers.*

A short demo/game made for IGMC 2017.


At some indeterminate point in the future, something strange happened. Aggressive, intelligent plants took over the world (?). Faced with this new and bizarre reality, Lou decides it’s much better to stay inside as much as possible, to avoid the plants and the people they control and puppet.

Lou at least has an unseen friend she communicates with via radio, though they have one rule: “we must never meet in person, in case one of us becomes a slave the the plants.”

However, one day—



The player character. Slightly gloomy and high-strung, but not unfriendly. She’s mostly a recluse, leaving her fenced-in house only when she needs to.


The girl on the other side of the walkie talkie. Nearly the opposite of Lou in demeanor, they get along surprisingly well.

Lou’s sister: She ??? a while back.

Afflicted: People controlled by the plants. While usually not overwhelmingly aggressive, it’s much better to avoid them when possible.


Botanophobia - Demo Vers. Updated 2.zip 135 MB

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